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ADC (Art, Design, and Coding) is a vibrant student community at the HSE Art and Design School, tailored for those in UX-related fields. As the group expanded rapidly, the demand for a dedicated digital platform became clear. ADC Space now facilitates the exchange of job opportunities, resources, and personal profiles, enhancing professional connections both internally and at external events.


May 2022


UX/UI, Web


Fedya Andryushin


What is ADC

Target audience

Customer research


Inefficient Information Flow
Students often rely on fragmented sources, like local class chats, when searching for job opportunities, leading to inefficient information distribution. Vital details about internships and events frequently get lost, failing to reach interested parties effectively.
Challenges in Self-Presentation
Quickly conveying a comprehensive personal profile through a single platform is challenging. Personal websites and portfolios, while useful, demand significant resources to maintain.
Loss of Valuable Resources
Cool and useful things shared by students and mentors in informal chat groups often get lost in the flood of messages. This results in valuable educational and professional development tools not being fully utilized or accessible to the entire community when needed.
Unpredictable Environment
In Russia, the communication services landscape has suddenly got highly unpredictable, with rapid changes due to the exit of various services and the impacts of sanctions. This instability makes it difficult to maintain consistent, reliable tools for professional networking and exposure.

The solution — digital platform

Content delivery

Job board

ADC community is rich in job connections, yet many opportunities were previously hard to reach. The new job board centralizes these listings, enhancing visibility and enabling one-click apply using student profiles. This solution has significantly improved connections between employers and students, ensuring better access to career opportunities.
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Connecting students with essential industry gatherings such as workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities, this streamlined hub is designed to foster professional growth and collaboration. It offers a curated list of events, personalized recommendations, and an interactive calendar, making it easier for users to engage with and benefit from each event aligned with their career ambitions in art, design, and coding.
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To address the challenge of conveying comprehensive personal profiles, I developed the “Me” section, providing students with a dedicated space to showcase their projects and achievements. This section helps users present their work professionally, enhancing self-presentation and networking opportunities. By integrating one-click updates and easy customization options, I ensured that students can maintain an impressive digital presence effortlessly, overcoming the hurdles of resource-intensive personal websites.

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I designed the UI-Kit using an atomic approach to ensure upgradeability, enabling future generations of ADC students to easily enhance and expand the platform. By creating a robust set of modular components, I facilitated continuous improvement and innovation within the ADC community.